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Introduction to B2MOD

B2MOD is a contemporary furniture store catering to a variety of clientele. From commercial enterprises, hospitality industries, to the hearth of your family home, B2MOD offers a wide range of bespoke furniture pieces, suitable for all our customers and their varying needs and preferences. B2Mod offers modern and stylish furniture pieces that are suitable for both commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, and restaurants, as well as domestic spaces such as homes and apartments.


For the commercial market, B2MOD offer a wide range of furniture pieces that are designed to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs and office staff. Durable, reliable and designed for high volume of traffic, our furniture pieces can withstand heavy usage while providing a sleek, high-end contemporary look for commercial spaces.


Whether a high-rise apartment or a traditional family home, B2MOD offers a diverse collection of modern, upholstered and traditional furniture pieces designed to fit different lifestyles and preferences for your home. Catering to an assortment of tastes, we provide furniture options that are both stylish and functional, with a focus on illuminating and maximizing space while creating a comfortable living environment in an array of settings.


Overall, B2MOD provides its furniture and consulting services to both the commercial and domestic markets. Our product range brings together high-quality with chic designing, functionality and durability to meet the specific needs of different spaces. B2MOD’s products combine creativity, craftsmanship and style suitable for discerning customers in both commercial and domestic spheres. Like our products, we perform at the highest level possible to provide interior design services and cater to our clients’ needs.


B2MOD’s focus on contemporary design, high-quality, and functionality make us a popular choice for customers looking to elevate the style and functionality of their spaces. We have gained considerable experience dealing with large format retail companies, as well as designing multitudes of homes for our customers.

About All Modern Interiors

Get a little inspiration.

All Modern Interior is a furniture whole sale company, established in early 2000 in the field of home furnishing with contemporary furniture designs including sofas, recliners, coffee tables, end tables, dinning tables and chairs, servers, accent chairs, consoles, curios , Wall arts etc. The company is based in Ontario and serving Canadians with its various quality products satisfactorily for the past all most two decades.. We are the leading brand as far as innovative modern designs, value for money and after sale service is concerned.

If you are a designer, seeking to use our products within your schemes or a retailer interested in opening a trade account with us, we recommend visiting our display of accent furniture and accessory pieces. These are available to view at your leisure, with our team in hand to discuss your requirement and answer any queries you may have.


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Beauty Is Hand Made!

All Modern Interior is inspired by the concept that style, comfort, & individuality are complementary rather than inherently opposed. This unique mix is at the heart of what All Modern Interior is today, always focused on offering customization and value. All furniture is handcrafted to order & shipped directly to clients across the world: a one-of-a-kind and personal approach to design & comfort.

Whether you wish to transform your house into a paradise or a minimalist getaway, our great collection can help you show off your interior design talents. Our well-chosen inventory speaks for itself. Whether you’re a modern enthusiast who can’t turn away from a tapered leg, a maximalist design perfected with gold, marble & everything, or an eclectic collector of curiosities, there’s something for everyone on this list.

A New Perspective on Modern Interior Furniture Design

Most contemporary interior designers are abandoning the good, old traditional appearance, which is bulky & heavy, in favor of cleaner-looking approaches for interior furniture design. When designing new furniture, designers are also gravitating toward new materials. This furniture is not only as comfortable as older styles of furniture from previous generations. But it offers many appealing options to today’s consumer, including styles, colors, materials, and textures that are sure to match any décor in any room, whether it is to decorate the inside of an office building or a home. This allows the buyer to choose which furniture to buy depending on their preferences, allowing them greater artistic freedom can choose & pick the styles they prefer.

Steel is currently being utilized in the interior design sector as well, thanks to the development of technology that allows for the use of tubular steel instead of solid pieces of steel in the manufacturing of furniture. This enabled the creation of lighter-weight but still-durable furniture. This steel featured hollow in the core, giving it strength while being a lightweight alternative for modern furniture. Steel began to be utilized in many sorts of furniture such as tables, chairs, dressers, even beds. It enhanced the appearance of various sorts of furniture. Metal & leather were combined to make comfy furniture that any customer would want.

Fresh New Styles

Our Collections include a carefully curated range of fusion, modern luxury furniture, and home décor. Now is the time to try out some new designs.


Color is both a science as well as an artistic expression for us. It is both contemporary and traditional; It’s both bold & discreet. We are passionate about color.

The Framework

Over 1000 separate components are tapped, fastened, and screwed into the frame. Some are for structural purposes, while others are for delicate finishing touches. You won’t find this level of skill & attention to detail anywhere else.


Due to the obvious nature of handcrafted furniture, it has a significantly lesser impact on carbon emissions than your usual large manufactured equivalent. All Modern Interior craftsman’s only ‘power tool’ is, quite literally, his hands. Furthermore, 80% of the raw materials used to make an All Modern Interior are acquired locally, resulting in minimum wasted energy through shipping.

Contact us Today

Modern Interior Furniture in Montreal, Calgary & Edmonton. For wholesale or retail modern furniture in Canada, you should carefully consider various factors when ordering. The style to ideally match your current decor – The height to ensure the best comfort – The construction for utmost safety & durability. Our experts are here to Help!