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Madrid ( DC 1100)

Madrid ( DC 1100)

Madrid Chair responds to the concepts of city and public space as participatory environments, where every citizen can change its configuration to generate adequate comfort conditions at every single time.

SKU: DC 1100


Contemporary stylish chair, comes in white, black, grey and Cappuccino.

Madrid Chair is an interactive urban furniture that allows infinite combinations. Each user/citizen can create his/her own configuration depending on the desired use of the public space (talking, resting, eating, sleeping, playing…). Each piece is defined geometrically as a truncated tetrahedron (4 equilateral hexagons+ 4 equilateral triangles). This geometric configuration creates two types of contact surfaces (hexagon or triangle) and hexagonal faces can be connected to create complex configurations of multiple pieces.

Through a little twist of the joints, the faces of the hexagons match together to form chairs, benches, stages or even more complicated structures for shows or the like. The piece is hollow and can be filled with water to prevent its displacement, creating fixed combinations, or having more weight to be used as an element of stability when stacking blocks vertically. Madrid Chair it is manufactured in MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene powder) through Rotational molding technique providing lightness and greater durability in the product.